The main goal of Karen Christian College is to train and develop servant leaders for the entire FPFK and beyond in order to serve God and humanity effectively. The focus of the college remains steady (Trans-formative servant-hood training for a better world) FPFK is the largest beneficiary of this services..

KCC Graduation
Gaduation at KCC

Karen Christian College

The training we offer is not simply limited to those called to the five-fold ministry; it is important and valuable for all church leaders at all levels who would like to deepen their faith and enhance their ministry skills. We invite children workers, youth leaders, and women leaders etc. to take the training..

Karen Christian College is a Christian institution sponsored by Free Pentecostal Church in Kenya (FPC), whose Philosophy is rooted in Bible and Theological commitment of the Pentecostal Evangelical tradition.

KCC one will acquire knowledge, attitudes and discovers skills that will help you to become effective ministers and leaders.

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