Mathew 16:18-16: “and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hade will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosened in heaven” (NIV)

1st Peter 1:5 “Who through faith are shielded by Gods Power until the coming of Salvation that ready is ready to be revealed in the last time”

It cannot be disputed that the church is the only institution that Christ cannot share ownership and the work of building is His alone; He uses people through the Holy Spirit and through Faith is shielded by God’s Power.

It is through that the church of Jesus Christ is in consistent conflict but Christ has continued to give us victory day by day and has been faithful to protect her and her members. FPFK is not exceptional since it is within that body of Christ called the Church.

I thank God because through the challenges the Lord has proved to the Lord and God of our Organization by keeping us safe and taking us from strength to strength.  There are some areas we need to work all of us so that we can make Church better and make the work enjoyable. We need to work on the area of unity and respect among ourselves. We have one presiding bishop for the Church and 31 Regional Bishops none of these is superior more than the other. Each one of you is a great leader chosen by God in that region; in case of any difficulties you can choose who to inquire and above we have other nine Board members. Consulting me or inviting me, the door is open to all bishops and Pastors. Out of 31 Bishops more than half have consecrated and they are doing good job so far.

Last year National youth and women elections were held and now we a new team in the office. Through my invitation both groups came to Ukunda for Prayers and fasting as they commence their work in their offices.  That moment gave them time to brainstorm and plan the way forward. It is my humble prayer to all Bishops and pastors to assist them. They are leaders and others are leaders in making. Again I challenge all of us to help the men leadership to be in place. As currently we don’t have an active. We need men to come together and held an election to elect their leaders.

I am also requesting the Regional Bishops to come together at the place of their choice, they get time to brain storm and see where we were as the church, we are now and where we want take our church. Since we are all leaders I believe with all my heart that there is a lot of wealth of good thoughts that can help our Church. FPFK Church is our Church and we all need others.

We only have one National Evangelistic team; this team needs our support as much as we need them. Rev. Gurner started it some years back ago and through his efforts the Soul Winning Outreach Team is being funded. Brethren let us joint effort to help the team. I would request that whenever they go for outreach work they be given love offering to assist them please.

We have one of our Reverend, Rev Calsit Sarumbe a senior Pastor of FPFK Kimana church in Southern region under Bsp Christhoper who is currently on medication and was hospitalized in Kenyatta Hospital where he diagnosed with cancer. After a successful operation he was discharged and Kimana church has tried so much with their pastor who is part of us. There are some bills still need to be cleared and church has organized a fund drive on 31st March 2019. Although we have never invited the pastors in a forum like this, I kindly us to attend that said fund drive in person or you can see pastor Karachi and give him your donations.

This year I would like to concentrate on teaching regional leaders to bring harmony in the region between local church pastors and branch leaders and make them understand the chain of command in the region. The churches should carry the burden of their pastors and especially make sure that their pastors have medical cover if possible through NHI or any other valid medical scheme. It is through empowerment that our members will understand.

Brethren let us work together to make FPFK a better Church

May God Bless FPFK.

Bishop. David Kiragu

FPFK Presiding Bishop