The words of Jesus: “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few” (Matt 9:37) have never been as urgent as it is in our world today.

about evangelism


FPFK Church is to strengthen evangelism and spiritual growth in gospel proclamation of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church leaders  facilitate worship and sacramental life for the believers for lasting impact.

The overall goal of FPFK evangelism and spiritual growth is to increase its membership from the current number.  To realize this goal, FPFK undertake education and capacity enhancement. This involve Discipleship and missionary training, provision of quality holistic education services as well as apprenticeship programmes the church’s

 course centres. Other interventions include promotion of the planting of churches in urban areas by strengthening urban outreach programmes.

A missions department be established that coordinate activities of mission teams working in the un-reached areas that include northern and coastal parts of the country that is predominantly Muslim. The social ministries’ projects will continue acting as entry points for evangelism as well as aid in the improvement of livelihoods of target among communities. Mass media and mass evangelism, soul-winning strategies be employed to evangelise and deepen spiritual growth in all regions of the country. The soul winning teams is established equipped and facilitated to evangelize.

Strengthened evangelism for church growth and expansion

  1. Conduct discipleship and ministry trainings
  2. Planting new churches
  3. Establish fnctional missions department supporting missionaries unto unreachable regions
  4.  Engage in Mass soul-winning evangelism
  5. Promote use of media in evangelism
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