Kindaruma Guest House

Guest Houses and FPFK properties

Kindaruma Guest House, Nairobi; Thessalia Mission Guest house and Mombasa rental facilities.
All guest houses
  • Establish strategic alliances with domestic and foreign travel agents that will ensure constant flow of guests around the year
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by upholding hallmarks such as high quality customer care at the guesthouse

Kindaruma Guest House

Complete the construction of the new look Kindaruma guest house/hotel and accompanying services

Thessalia Mission Guest house and Mombasa guest houses

  • Refurbish existing facilities and construct new guest houses with self-contained rooms and conference hall 
  • Reorganize services at the institutional chapel so they are separate from the local church
  • Increase staff capacity at the centre in both numbers and quality
  • Improve resource mobilization and capitalization of the centres for implementation of work plans

Provision of education

Thessalia Secondary School, Karen Christian College, Embakasi

  • Increase in the number and performance of registered students under national educational curriculum
  • Improve access to education to the orphans and vulnerable children (OV

Karen Bible College, Nairobi.

  • . Karen Christian College will be upgraded to offer quality training for church ministers.
  • The curriculum will be diversified to include ICT and business oriented courses
  • FPFK will use existing course centres for training pastors as well as offering refresher courses to church ministers
  • Mobilize resources from local and international partners to improve the institutions’ capacity to deliver quality higher education and training.
  • Ensure KCC programmes are accredited by relevant regulatory agencies and are competitive and sustainable

Health care:

Thessalia, Nyambare and Mpeketoni.

  • Equip the FPFK supported hospitals, dispensaries, mobile clinics so they are able to meet the needs of their respective clientel
  • Improve on quality of services to attract patronage and by extension local support
  • The facilities are served by competent medical health personnel

Vocational and entrepreneurship centres

  • Increase in numbers of learners going through the church based vocational institutions
  • Flexible approaches to learning adopted that includes use of ICT to enhance effective delivery and competitiveness
  • Ensure all programmes offered are accredited by the regulator TVET
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