Upon upholding the dignity and empowerment of girls and women in Kajiado South constituency to set the society free from Female genital mutilation, the project is trying to achieve this free environment through the coordination of initiatives, awareness creation, and advocacy against the act of dehumanizing women.

Our main target groups are summarized as below;

  1. Boys aged 5-18 years
  2. Girls aged 5- 18 years
  3.  Men-young warriors and household heads
  4. Married and unmarried women

In Olugulului, Girls are at risk of FGM as early as from birth. 8 out of 10 girls have undergone FGM and the other 2 are waiting for the same

Despite the National government and county government supports the idea of ending FGM there is little support being felt from both governments by the actors who try to end FGM. Some parents are silently supporting FGM and they perform at night and in secret places.

To the girls who have not undergone circumcision there is high stigma and the peer pressure makes them give in eventually.

Also in this region FGM has contributed to youth’s engaging in risky sexual behaviour which leads to STI, early pregnancies & early marriages. It also affects girl’s performance in school as they feel mature women who should not be manned by teachers.

1.1 Anti FGM Penetration Strategies in the target Area

  1. Anti FGM Advocacy Groups for both men and women.
  2. Initiated school Rights clubs and youth groups in churches.
  3. Homestead visits.
  4. Organizing community meetings and dialogues.
  5. Meeting church and government leaders.
  6. Edutainment activities;  sports, drama  and  music festivals.
  7. Special Days: Day of the African Child (16th June), Zero tolerance day for FGM (6th Feb) and 16 Days of activism (25th Nov-10th Dec).
  8. Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP)

1.2 Key factors to success

  1. Involving children at an early stage-change through school health clubs.
  2. Increasing male inclusion in the fight against FGM.
  3. Enhancing both girl and boy child capacity.
  4. Working closely with the local administration i.e. Chiefs, Nyumba Kumi Initiative leaders, county officials and women leaders.
  5. Empowering both men and women’s capacity in discouraging early and forced marriages, early pregnancies and FGM.
  6. Creating awareness through the church.

1.3 Activities conducted in 2018

  1. An end of project’s Phase evaluation was conducted.
  2. Networking and collaborating with the Kajiado county government.
  • Held Anti FGM Advocacy meetings led by Community Conversation facilitators. iv. FPFK Staff workshop in Kericho.
  1. Stakeholders interviews done by PMU and Botryka

Pentecostal Church in regards to the project vi. Conducted a Seminar for Community Conversation Facilitators and Project Advisory committee.

  • Conducted a seminar for Project Advisory Committee in Kericho.
  • School Rights clubs meetings led by Club Patrons/

matrons and Community Conversation Facilitators.

1.4 Achievements in 2018

The following are the achievements made;

  1. 140 adults- 100 male and 40 men- from the Anti FGM Advocacy Groups met 3 times every month and discussed issues of FGM and Income Generating activities as a means of improving livelihoods.
  2. Through the former school Rights clubs, 246 pupils that is 126 girls and 120 boys were educated on relevant topics like FGM, HIV and life skills. The 246 pupil’s knowledge on the particular topics was increased.
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