FPFK Wise Women Conference 2019


A strong Pentecostal Church meeting the needs of the society holistically based on Christian values



To preach the word of God to all Nations in preparation for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out and establishing churches which can meet the spiritual economic and social needs of the people through evangelism, education, training, and socio economic activities based on Christian values


Love, Integrity, Obedience, Unity,  Humility,  Stewardship, Service


The Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK) is an evangelical church registered in Kenya. It operates in 31 regions in Kenya and has 258 local churches and over 1,200 branches, with a combined membership of over 250,000. FPFK was established independently by the Norwegian and Swedish missionaries in the 1950s and 1960s respectively. The missionaries from the two Scandinavian countries operated independent of each other until 1997 when their operations were merged and FPFK as a Kenyan national church came into being.

Social Ministry department is responsible for strategic objectives .

FPFK Church is to strengthen evangelism and spiritual growth in gospel proclamation of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church leaders  facilitate worship and sacramental life for the believers for lasting impact.

FPFK Business Enterprise

Karen Christian College
FPFK Thessalia Mission Complex
Keswick Books & Gifts
Kindaruma Guest House

The overall goal is to see improved performance in FPFK existing businesses ventures and in the new businesses developed. Specifically, the following are the outcomes in each of these national assets and institutions.
The National Institutions of FPFK include Thessalia Mission Guest house and Farm, Thessalia Dispensary, Thessalia Secondary School, Karen Christian College, Bukhungu Youth Polytechnic, Kindaruma Guest house, and Mombasa rental facilities and Keswick Bookshop.

Strengthened  business model to support FPFK operations

  • Effective Keswich Bookshop
  • Improved guest houses and rental properties
  • Diversified health care component in Thesalia, Nyambare and Mpeketoni
  • Improved vocational and entrepreneurship centres
  •  Diversified training and education component
Karen Christian College

welcome to Karen Christian College, a home of trans-formative servant-hood training for a better world. Karen Christian College is the only national training institution that FPFK has for the training of its leaders/ministers.The main goal of Karen Christian College is to train and develop servant leaders for the entire FPFK and beyond in order to serve God and humanity effectively. The focus of the college remains steady  (Trans-formative servant-hood training for a better world) FPFK is the largest beneficiary of this  services.


The training we offer is not simply limited to those called to the five-fold ministry; it is important and valuable for all church leaders at all levels who would like to deepen their faith and enhance their ministry skills. We invite children workers, youth leaders, and women leaders etc. to take the training. As we align ourselves to the competence based curriculum launched by the Kenyan government, it is important to note that through our training, one will acquire knowledge, attitudes and discovers skills that will help you to become effective ministers and leaders. We also need to seriously consider concrete strategies to steadily support the institution financially and materially.

Some of our plans for 2019

  • To increase our marketing through various meetings and forums in FPFK to increase enrolment.
  • To roll out our new approach of flexible, affordable and quality certificate program through new learning centres both at local church and regional levels in the spirit of partnership in training.
  • To facilitate the creation of a strong Alumni Association in order to engage the Alumni in the development and progress of any institution.
  • To strengthen partnerships in conferencing and training To God be the glory great things he has done.
FPFK Thessalia Mission Complex

Thessalia Mission Center stands out an important national institution in FPFK as an organization. Since its inception it has always remain a beacon of hope which if given the attention it deserved can play a big role in changing economic situation of our organization and livelihood of local community we serve.

  • Our guesthouse has continued to remain an ideal destination for Conferences, seminars, wedding parties, and retreat home for families.
  • In social work department, as a way of give back to the community we have continued to give school sponsorship to orphans and vulnerable children
  • Our Dispensary has continued to be a source of hope to the communities especially to women and children. Our health center have offered true free deliveries needy mothers and supported immunization for children.
  • Our Secondary school is performing well in KCSE
Keswick Books & Gifts

We are regional leading Christian bookshop devoted to spreading the word of God through Bibles, Christian Literature and Gift items.


Our mission is to motivate, nurture, teach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as strengthen the church of Christ globally.

Kindaruma Guest House

FPFK Kindaruma Guest House is one of the best spots in Nairobi. We are a christian based organisation whose aim is to provide only but the best in terms of service and hospitality.


Located exactly 6 km from the city center, we guarantee tranquility and peaceful quiet away from the bustle and hustle.


The guesthouse has 62 rooms. All rooms are attractively decorated with hot shower, toilet and  TV. Booked on bed & breakfast, half or full board, guests enjoy sumptuous breakfast buffets. Lunch and dinner are mostly buffet style but guest can also have a choice of menu. For business guests, we have first-rate conference facilities for up to 60 people.


Services & Facilities:

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Conferences


Telephone Contacts

+254 735 750687


support FPFK Projects To alleviate poverty and all other forms of human suffering.

Inuka Kanisa - Constitution unvelling
  • FPFK constitution reviewed and identity clarified
  • Enhanced capacity of FPFK personnel, missionaries and pastors to deliver quality service.
  • Improved sustainable resource mobilization strategies
  • Increased and deepened partnerships and networks (EAK, NCCK, ACTALL)
  • Ensuring new Policies are formulated and old policies are updated


Serving people with holistic development

Peace & livelihood

Pokot-Turkana peace and livelihood project has been implementation through the third phase, with extension phase running from June

Widows Projects

The project whose overall objective is “To Empower the Widows of Nyambare to Live in Dignity and Freedom” is currently implementing


Upon upholding the dignity and empowerment of girls and women in Kajiado South Constituency to set society free from Female Genital

Family care for Orphans

FPFK Family care for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) advocacy project:-FPFK is dedicatedin working to reduce violated rights of


Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; 31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint (Isaiah 40: 30-31 NIV).

Bishop Walter O. Andhoga

FPFK General Secretary


The Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK) has registered substantial growth since its establishment in the 1950s and 60s in terms of systems development and membership growth.

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