Our mission

Our mission is to preach the word of God to all nations in preparation for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out and establishing Churches which can meet the spiritual, Economic and Social needs of the people through Evangelism, Education, Training and Social-Economic activities based on Christian values.

Our Work

Target group

It is during this age of between (15-24) when the youths are in secondary schools and colleges and most of them become sexually active and some get married at this age and hence this age group is most the vulnerable in contracting HIV. The target group is divided into 5 years cohorts “The age breakdown is especially important because sexual behavior can vary widely between age groups: adolescents aged 10-14, overall, are probably much less sexually active than their 15-19 year old peers, who are again different from 20-24 years old. This breakdown of age groups will allow the project to look for cohort trends, or trends that occur over time” (WHO 2004, 8).The secondary target group includes are teachers who act as the HIV & AIDS clubs patrons in the schools and nurses or other health personnel who participates in VCT clinics and outreaches.Our primary project target group is about 6,000 young people aged between 10-24 years in and out of school, teachers, health personnel, and parents from the named 6 districts.The age group of 10-24 was identified as the most vulnerable group by the community as it is at this age they discover their sexuality and become sexually active. Young people are becoming sexually active as early as the age of 10 years and therefore the need to target adolescence age of 10-14 years. This is the most appropriate age group for HIV prevention interventions as most are still innocent and getting the right information will enable them protect themselves from HIV infection once they become sexually active.

The project draws knowledge possessed by the community that helps in the implementation of the project. The enlightened and educated youth in the community are trained as peer educators and VCT peer counselors. The project staff draws lessons from young people who ensure that the beneficiaries identify with the project. Skills in art and creativity among the youth will be tapped into creating drama, role plays and skits to bring out messages that enlighten the public on realities about HIV & AIDS.Extensive church network is used as an avenue to reach the youth. The existence of religious, social and cultural teachings that stress on abstinence makes it easier to create awareness as the HIV & AIDS messages being incorporated in such teachings.

Availability of social infrastructures such as schools are used by the project as avenues to reach the youth, in forming school HIV & AIDS and health clubs, and hold recreation activities, games, dramas among other activities. The existing health facilities are used to offer health based interventions such as VCT services to youths.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our national reach and continue to enrich the lives of our members and of communities where we operates both spiritually and physically.