Our mission

Our mission is to preach the word of God to all nations in preparation for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out and establishing Churches which can meet the spiritual, Economic and Social needs of the people through Evangelism, Education, Training and Social-Economic activities based on Christian values.


Project Overview

1. Communities in the Target Region

The main target communities for this project are Maasai who occupy the geographical region of South Rift Valley Province . The Maasai were also targeted by the previous project but this project will use HCD, HRBA and advocacy approaches to achieve greater scale in the response to HIV/AIDS in the community.

2. Churches in the Target Regions

FPFK churches and other denominations are very widespread across the targeted regions. This project will use the relationship built with these congregations as the entry points into the larger communities. Many of the churches are involved in some response to HIV/AIDS (e.g. Home-care) HCD approach will be used in order to strengthen the linkages and deepen the local responses. The local congregations or worship centres will be the foundation unit of the strategy offering proximity and coverage that makes it possible to enter into the larger community.

3. Community Leadership

The communities in the target areas and especially the Maasai have great respect for their leadership. The project will take advantage of this situation in order to achieve greater results. Leaders will be invited to share during learning visits through the SALT (HCD) approach to initiate change in the way they relate with communities where they live to come together in new and constructive relationships. To this end leadership will be developed through mentoring at all levels of the community. Political leadership will also be targeted for promotion of a community led approach this is because of the influence such political leaders have on individuals in these communities as was demonstrated by the call for the Luo community to embrace male circumcision by its political elite which received overwhelming response from the people.

4. Constituency AIDS Control Committees (CACC), Health Facilities and Service providers in the region

CACC is important in any response to HIV/AIDS as it presents an opportunity for government funding at the grassroots level as well as a framework for coordination and networking between different actors. It has however, not played this roles well because lack capacity and government bureaucracy. On the other hand, the focus of many health facilities and service providers in the area of HIV/AIDS work has been on service and commodity provision taking very little account if any of the need for development of human capacity to cope with HIV and its consequences. The project will work with this target group with the aim of shifting their response from an interventionist, expert led approach to one which is people centred and community-led. The project will also endeavour to build the capacity of CACC in HCD and HRBA so that it can discharge its duties more effectively and efficiently.

5. Churches and Faith Based Organisations at the National Level

At the national level the project will target faith based organisations and national churches leadership with the object of forming a coalition for advocacy on issues of HIV/AIDS. The project will also use such a coalition to transfer its experience and learning’s on Human Capacity Development approach to HIV/AIDS with the aim of stimulating them to start acting and in this way achieve scale.
Over the last one year, FPFK has been part of the FBO Coalition, a project supported by BN to develop a resource pool of partnership activity in HIV/AIDS. This group is available and will be involved in learning and experience transfer to other FBOs across target areas.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our national reach and continue to enrich the lives of our members and of communities where we operates both spiritually and physically.