Our mission

Our mission is to preach the word of God to all nations in preparation for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out and establishing Churches which can meet the spiritual, Economic and Social needs of the people through Evangelism, Education, Training and Social-Economic activities based on Christian values.



The project used Human Capacity Development approach. The Human Capacity Development approach is based on providing community based facilitation in the areas of HIV/AIDS, health and development across communities. The grounding belief of HCD is that people have been created with a capacity for response to the serious issues of life – that is, a capacity for belonging, acceptance, change, care, influence and hope. People in desperate situations are not hopeless, and can become so much more than passive recipients of welfare. That they make their way forward is never in question. Hope sustains.
People and communities can respond even in challenging situations, there is hope and visioning expressed in each person, the capacity that is embedded in life of individuals that motivate action and stimulate response is the grounding for Human capacity development, that once these capacities for response are utilized and mentored through a culture of facilitation, it enhances a wider Change. The potential for response, for each individual in any challenging circumstances is provoked by the desire to care and to change. It is these synthesized abilities in individuals and communities that provoke this belief for Human capacity Development.

Hence HCD, means developing the will, skills, capabilities and systems to enable people to respond effectively to HIV/AIDS through facilitation teams. It is based on the development of relationships and communication between people.
HCD uses three main methods

Facilitation team process

Facilitation team, enters into communities to physically be present with people to stimulate reflection on community concerns, vision and capacity for response &participate alongside people to unveil strength in them. The facilitation team enters these communities with a SALTy attitude.

HIV &AIDS Competence

Competency means acknowledging the epidemic and the effect it is having; caring for those affected; and taking action in prevention through change. The goal is to build capacity within individuals and organisations by enabling them to internalize both the risk of HIV&AIDS and the power to change. By being open to learning from local responses on the one hand, and sharing learning that takes place within an organization, on the other hand, the organization’s activities will change to support the local community response more effectively.

Going to scale, scaling up and scaling out

The magnitude of the AIDS pandemic requires that all responses are going to scale, this is especially crucial for local responses. Scaling up means organizations doing more, with better quality and reaching more people. Scaling out is community-to-community transfer, concept transfers between organisations. This has received far too little attention in the response to HIV/AIDS.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our national reach and continue to enrich the lives of our members and of communities where we operates both spiritually and physically.