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Our mission is to preach the word of God to all nations in preparation for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out and establishing Churches which can meet the spiritual, Economic and Social needs of the people through Evangelism, Education, Training and Social-Economic activities based on Christian values.

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Story by Linet

My names are Linet Kaleke, a girl from Olosho and a form 4 leaver. While at home doing domestic work, i had heard about a team from FPFK Nairobi that had visited theFPFK Olosho church and had stimulated the community to respond to their concerns (HIV/AIDs and others) that they are facing. This had created excitement and the participants who hadattended the workshop sounded more hopeful in life and we wondered what had happened?

The following Sunday, My pastor informed me about the next workshop that was taking place in the church. Out of curiosity, I decided to join the workshop. I was shy and socializing with people was a challenge. I imagined that I will be lonely and thought the training was on HIV/AIDs only and decide to attend to come andlisten only without participation. The approach was encouraging and every one had a chance to participate, this made me to feel ease and realized that I had something to contribute. I felt I belonged to a team and had something to contribute to help my community to respond to HIV/AIDs, poverty, Drought among other concerns.

From the previous workshop, Information had spread through words of mouth and also the sharing by parents with their children. This stimulated an invitation by a nearby school to the team(Olosho parents and FPFK team) to discuss HIV/AIDs and other issues that are affecting the pupils. The second day of the workshop, we visited the school;I was given a chance to facilitate two classes; standard 3 & 4 with other teammates.It was then that I started building courage,enjoyed the process and felt motivated to participate with others as a facilitator. I learned that care through presence can stimulate people, even children, to act to their concerns. Children are aware of what’s happening at home and are part of the solution too.

Though theilliteracy level is high,which slows the facilitation process ,the transfer of information and behavior change, there is still hope for a better future because families are sharing and talking about HIV/AIDs.I also share with my mother,elder brother and I’m convinced that my dad will learn from my actions and the rest of the family members.Despite missing the first workshop which made me feel inadequate, I fell more confident, more focused and empowered.

I’m sure and confident that through this experience, the spread of HIV will reduce; care and support for the affected and infected will be embraced by the wider community.
“We have seen other communities are now learning from us and inviting our team to support them as they respond to their concerns which is a motivation .Through this fulfilling journey of accompanying my community , I’m sure I will also achieve my dream “Linet reflect.

Pastor influences community to respond to HIV/AIDs
My names are Pastor James S. Mopel,Senior pastor Olosho FPFK church. The Community was conservative about HIV/AIDs and other cultural practices.The community members were disintegrated and it was everyone for himself.Most family felt isolated especially by the father figure, who was only visible to provide material things but not much caring about the deep embedded concerns of the family: soft issue like discussion around HIV/AIDs and welfare of the wife and children

After introduction of the Human Capacity development process to the community members with the FPFK organization; things started changing for better.Now, the community members know the importance of each other.Through the process the community has acknowledged and recognized HIV as a threat that put the continuity of the community at risk, they have opened up and willing to discuss around cultural practices that put them at risk to HIV/AIDs.There is strengthened relationship and communication at family level around HIV/AIDs and other family issues between husband, wife and children.Unlike the culture, where womensit and expectprovisions from their husbands, more are coming out and starting Income generating activities.

The Communitydiscussions around the community concerns have motivated the neighboring schools to invite the Olosho Community facilitation team to support them in opening up HIV/AIDs discussion among the children.More community members are sharing about HIV/AIDs in the church and in small self-helpgroups. The young generation is embracing monogamy with support from their parents whom most of them are polygamous. The older generations are sharing and supporting each other in discouraging alcoholism which has been named by the community as a risk behavior that fuels the transmission of HIV in the community.

Through this process have learnt that community can dream and act with the locally available resources for a better future. Cohesiveness and unity is a big strength which can catalyze change within the community.We have realized that the solution is within the community for they have capacity to respond to any concerns.This has been influenced by the community facilitation team that stimulates the community to identify the existing strengths and resources.Community can use their resources to develop in life.Children are also change agents and can play an important part in the change process. This has brought organic spiritual awakening and more people are joining different churches voluntarily because of the action of the facilitation team.

My dream for my community is that within the next 2 years with the same consistency accompaniment by the FPFK organizationtransformation will take place in the community. The level of illiteracy will decrease tremendously with the ongoing inspiration by the young generation to seek education. Transmission of HIV will have reduced and support of the infected and affected will be embraced by the community. We will have mentored other teammates to stimulate the community on this change journey for a better and save community.

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Our vision is to expand our national reach and continue to enrich the lives of our members and of communities where we operates both spiritually and physically.